Name of story: WISCONSIN BURNS avi.                                                                                                                    The story:                                                                                                                                                                                 I recently discovered a disturbing college football related video on NCAA's '''' website. It was such a disturbing video..... As a college football fan myself, I just couldn't take it.

I am a fan of the Georgia Bulldogs, one of NCAA's college teams in the SEC. I was looking for info about their new schedule on their website, but then things started getting creepy when all of sudden, the website changed into pitch black. Not joking. It then automatically played the video I just mentioned.

The video started with a pitch black screen but you could see and hear TV static on it for some reason. Then it had a creepy voice that whispered ''roll tide'' out of no where. Things were just starting to get creepy. Not to mention, it was pretty loud. My computer didn't let me turn down the volume for some weird reason. The volume was 60%. I wasn't wearing headphones on my laptop, but I'm pretty glad I didn't, because it would have been much much worse.

☀Suddenly, it showed what appeared to be the Wisconsin Badgers mascot tied to a pole. It was just still. Not moving at all. Then someone threw a torch, and it burnt the Badgers mascot's face. The face melted in 3 seconds, and showed the skull. It was pretty disturbing. Then once again out of nowhere, it showed the Alabama Crimson Tide elephant mascot as a screamer, with realistic eyes and a pretty realistic mouth. The scream was ear piercing loud. I mean really. It almost damaged my ears. I was terrified to death.

I tried to call the NCAA to report the video as ''very very scary and disturbing''. I had to wait for 8 minutes for a executive to respond. It was pretty freaking scary. I explained it all, but they said their website people did not see anything like that on the Georgia Bulldogs website.

And it also very very creepy because I went on Wikipedia and looked up some info about the Golden Gophers, the Golden Gophers are rivals with Wisconsin, and the 1960's coach of it, Murray Warmath got a award that was apparently called ''The Paul Bear Bryant Award''. Bear Bryant was the coach of Alabama from 1958 to 1982. And apparently, last year Alabama beat Wisconsin. It was the Crimson Tide's first game I am not joking. 

All three teams are related somehow, and it's getting too disturbing for me. I know its 10 pm at night, but I'm leaving to getting on a bus to Atlanta in 5 minutes. This crap is just getting creepy as hell.