I recently found a new tape under my grandparents computer table. The tape said: WARNING: There will be consequences if you watch this tape. BEWARE! You have been warned! This tape is the forces of evil. I thought it was just some joke made by my Papaw to stay away from his tape. I snuck in the living room when no one was looking, and took the tape. I had a VHS tape in my room, so I watched it.

This time, It didnt have the same face from the last story, instead it had a group of 4 kids on it. They looked like kids of the age of 4 and 7 years old. Suddenly, a man dressed in black came in the room. He shot each one of them with a hand gun. He set the bodies on fire to hide the evidence. Suddenly the police heard the gunshots earlier and 5 officers came to the room. They held guns at the man. The man was pretending to surrender and then, he grabbed a AK-47 and shot the officers one by one. They were dead, but a officer tried to get up.

The man stepped on the officers face, and blood splattered on the camera. The tape ended, and it was a disturbing tape. Suddenly, I heard a knock on the door. I looked through the hole, and it was the man. My papaw told me I told you not to watch that tape, boy! He grabbed a shot gun with only 4 bullets. The man busted through the door, and papaw shot him in the chest. He fell on the ground, and I told him Why are you like this? and stabbed him through the head.

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