Show of epic

The characters: Tom, Jack and Billy Bob.

The Epic Show Of Epicness was a cartoon created by a young boy known only as D. He thought this show would be a sucess for cartoon network. Only 1 episode was made which was the Pilot Episode, because Cartoon network had no more money to make more episodes. So D lost his job. 2 weeks later, he got a letter from cartoon network:


Cartoon Network has animated the whole season of The Epic Show Of Epicness after Clarance was cancelled. We will premeire the first episode of the season tonight at 7 o clock pm Eastern time.

Good Luck!

-Ted Turner

David was exicited to see the episode they made. He had to wait 3 hours til it came on.

The episodeEdit

The episode was called The Man In Black.  It was a pun on Men In Black. The episode started with Jacks soldiers guarding the house. Soon, all of the soldiers were shot, 1 by one. He did not noice the man on top of the building. The sniper shot him in the chest, but had no effect. The man threw a granade at the sniper and it exploded, making the house shake. The man grabbed Jack. He screamed Help! Tom ran down and kicked the man in the face. Billy Bob grabbed a pistol and shot the man. At the end, it showed zombies eating the soldiers flesh. It was so graphic, D threw up. Because of this, he told cartoon network to cancel the whole show, and that he would sign a contract with youtube to make the show popular.


D is still making youtube videos today. You will find his account somewhere. Back on topic. The zombies in the episode was spotted in a field, but were shot by police. We do not know if D will make The Epic Show Of Epicness again. Instead, a new series popped up in its place called Quest of Bluefire.

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