On October 14th, 1999 a strange bootleg tape was found on the streets of California, Hollywood just outside of Nickelodeon Studios. The tape was handed over to the authorities to be investigated. The tape was then watched and viewers refused to tell about what the tape was. From October 20th, 1999 through December 19th, 1999 the tape vanished. It turned up at the doorstep of a man’s house on January 23rd, 2000. It was watched by the man and whenever the authorities asked what was in it, he refused to tell them. That man was actually my friend. I was the only one who heard about what the tape was about. He sent me an e-mail and told me what it was. My friend has pretty bad grammer, but I copied and pasted his e-mail on here, unedited: “I know you’ve been wondering what that tape was about, so I’ll tell you, but your the only one. Please don’t tell anybody else. The tape started out with the Spongebob intro. I was a little dumbfounded that it was Spongebob, but I didn’t pay to much attention to it The episode itself began with Spongebob and Patrick walking by Squidward’s house and asking if he could play with him. Squidward says ‘no’ in an angry voice and shuts his window. Patrick then says ‘Maybe he doesn’t like us.’ and looks all sad and depressed. Spongebob then says ‘Of course he likes us, were his best friends!’ and walks away. The screen cuts to static and and then cuts to Squidward playing his clarinet. the screen fades to black and shows SpongeBob working at the Krusty Krab. As he is flipping patties, Squidward smashes through the door and hands SpongeBob a note. “Well, time to make one last Krabby Patty!” says SpongeBob as he looks at the note. As SpongeBob is flipping patties, Squidward appears behind SpongeBob and repeatedly stabbs him until blood starts to spray all over him. The screen turns to static and the episode ends. P.S. I sent you the tape in the mail because the police keep on bothering me about it, trying to see what it is. Love,


I replied back to him saying “Wow! Who would have guessed it was Spongebob!” and heard the doorbell ring. Seeing through the mail man through the window, I went to the front door to get the mail. What I saw what horrible. It was a tape with the words “Help me!” crudely etched on the surface in red ink.

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