One day, I found this website with a link that said "FREE SONIC GAME! DOWNLOAD NOW". The website was called "" and I clicked on it. When I did, I started the file after downloading.

It starts off normally with the SEGA logo, then it went to the title. It said "Sonic The Hedgehog 6 The Search for Tails", and the background was a plain black. The logo looked like the "Sonic The Hedgehog 2" logo, and as soon as it started, it had Sonic facing the Tails Doll.

I thought that weird because Tails Doll doesn't usually appear on Sonic games (except for Sonic R). Suddenly, the Tails Doll lunged at Sonic. I tried running away, but everything started to disappear, even the platforms.

I jumped before the last platform faded away, then I started falling. It went back to the logo, except this time, Tails was completely grey and had red eyes. The text "The Search for Tails" had changed to "R.I.P".

It then faded to a pool of blood in a mountain background. After about five seconds, the reflection of the Tails Doll appeared until it went to a red background with text saying "GOODBYE SONIC. I MISS YOU. FROM TAILS". There was also static playing in the background. The game ended there.

I never played another Sonic game again after the incident.

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