Do you know that show on Nick called Sanjay and Craig? Well, I was a music composer for the show. One day, my pal Ryan messaged me on Google plus telling me there was a Sanjay And Craig Lost episode on youtube!

I clicked on the link, and the episode made me cry and i'll tell you why.

At first, the intro was different. It was in g-major and it looked Black and White. The episode was titled Mr. Noodman's Revenge.

The episode started with Sanjay playing with Tufflips toys. Weird. I've never seen Tufflips murchandise on the show.  Then, Mr. Noodman appears and tries to shoot Sanjay with a gun. I have never seen guns on the show before.

A screenshot from the episode.

He punches Mr. Noodman and runs and tells Craig. They go to the dumpster where Mr. Noodman appears and spits on Craig.

Sanjay says Look out, Craig! Mr. Noodman stabs Craig. Mr. Noodman came up to Sanjay and said ''You made me do this!'' He rips Sanjay's arm off. He cries in pain as his arm hole is filled with blood. Craig cries and screams in pain while Mr. Noodman repeatedly STABS HIM WITH AN ULTRA MEGA SUPER ULTRA REALISTIC MURDEREY SHOVEEELLL!!11 TIMES!!!

The episode ended with Sanjay's parents at the boy's funeral. The episode made me cry, cause i loved Sanjay and Craig. They are awesome characters. I still watch Sanjay and Craig, and never saw something like this in the new episodes.

This was a episode made by the creators of Bobs Burgers, and they made the episode graphic cause they hated the Snake and Boy Friend duo. I will see you later, Blog.

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