Hello my name is Jessica Thompson. Back in 2003, when I was 14 years old, I watched a episode of Dragon Tales on PBS Kids. Towards the end, there was a funding plug that showed the sponsors of PBS Kids and had kids with big eyes thinking


about things in a thought bubble. The announcer guy sounded different as usual, and the music had a low pitch. Then I saw a blue girl thinking about a human flower. All of a sudden she puked blood on the screen. I was terrified and I tried to turn off the tv, but I couldn't. All of a sudden the PBS Kid Dash ident came on, but his eye had a gunshot wound.

Dash then falls to the ground and a figure in black shows up behind him. Dashs sister Dot ran to him and punched him in the face. The man grabbed his sword and cut off Dot's head. The ident ends with a scream and a realistic picture of a demon with evil eyes and large mouth. I was so sick i vomited on the ground and passed



2 minutes later, I woke up, and I called PBS to complain about the disturbing PBS Kids ident, but the man on the phone told me he didn't see anything disturbing on the channel and that PBS and the FBI would investigate if more people complained.

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