K-FEE Behind the scenes

Do you know the Kfee commercials from 1998? Well, there are some secrets revealed about them, and I will share them with you.

The Zombie Actor is Brad Jonhson. The gargoyle name is Adam Jonhson! They was 2 brothers that was invited to do the commercial! The Scary Car commercial was very famous on the TV!, And it was the first screamer on YouTube that scared many people! One that in 1998 an old lady that was watching one of this comercials had a heart attack when the monster popped up, and to apologise in 2005 the kfee crew did a parody involving the 3 comercials that scared many people. Car Beach Golf Putting a man, a plushie bear and a devil! I only know the Car comercial location: Oregon States Kfee will always be loved by the fans!

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