Screenshot from the episode The Murder Of Doctor

Do you know that Youtube series Greeny Phatom? It's a cheap Windows Paint Animated Cartoon with a character named Little Guy who is annoyed by a Russian Doctor. It was made by Sony Wonder, but some people say it's fake. Well, I found a lost episode on the channel, but it's gone. The episode begins with Doctor telling Dr. Mother that he's going to hunt in the woods. He finds a dead turkey and cooks it. The Doctor family eats and later, A glass window is broken. Doctor goes out for the intruder with a bat, but Little Guy grabs it and hits him repeatedly with it and stabs him. Little Guy throws a bomb and the Doctor house explodes, killing everyone except Dr. Beanson and Dr. Mother who escaped before the explosion. The episode gave me nightmares cause at the end, Little Guy looked alot like Squidward Red mist, but there is no red mist. This is the worst thing ever that i have ever seen.

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