Gravity Falls is a unpopular Disney Show, which might be popular one day, but I love this show, it's about two twins named Dipper and Mabel who solves paranormal mysteries in the town of Gravity Falls. They have a uncle named Grunkle Stan.

My BackgroundEdit

Before the story, I want to tell you who I am. My name is Cam Waychester. I was born on May 2, 1997. I live in Cartersville, Georgia and It was a peaceful place, until 2012 when I watched the Gravity Falls episode.

The Lost Episode 11\25\2012Edit

I got a Gravity Falls NEW episode recorded on 11\23\2012. I watched it, and the episodes name was Red Mist Investigation. Weird, I thought Red Mist was a Spongebob lost episode. Anyways, Grunkle Stan watches the Spongebob episode Red Mist, and since it was disturbing, he goes to the bathroom to throw up, and then, he passes out. Dipper tries to revive him, but fails. The hospital car leaves, and Dipper is crying, worried about Stan. So he decides to tell Sheriff Blubs and Deputy Durland about the Spongebob Red Mist episode, and then, they drive away. So they go to the F.B.I headquarters about the episode. The FBI agent looks at the tape and gets angry cause they knew about the episode. The agent punches Dipper brutally. Realistic blood is shown.

Then, Dipper goes to the hospital. Mable, Wendy and Soos comes to the hospital and gives him a Get Well Soon Balloon. Then, all of a sudden, Wendy kisses Dipper for a minute and a half. Dipper feels proud of himself, and then goes to sleep for the night. All of a sudden, the Agent goes to the Hospital and says I am a friend of Dipper Pines. I was told he was in this hospital. May I visit him? Was this a parody of the Terminator? The nurse said No, he is resting. '' I'll be back!'' He suddenly ran out of the door, and pushes Gideon's dad out of his car, and drives through the hospital. The nurse is crushed by the vehicle and dies. The Doctors soon call the police, and in seconds, they run through the door. They said ''Stop, you are under arrest! Don't move!'' Will shoots the officers 1 by 1 and they die. More than 20 police cars are outside the hospital. Will throws a pipe bomb at the officers and it explodes. The famous Wilhelm scream sound effect is heard. Will shoots a machine gun at the Doctors, and then, he finds Dipper in his room. Dipper knocks the man out of the window, and the episode ends. I threw the tape away cause I couldn't believe what I saw.