One day I went to a flea market to find knockoff Pokemon stuff to post on my blog. I found the oddest toy I have ever found In my journies to the flea markets. It was pitch black with red letters on the box and it said Lovely Happy Monsters. It had a red pikachu that looked demonic. He had blood on his teeth and I swear I heard a growl in the box. I had a uneasy feeling that this was dangerous. But since it was 2 dollars, i bought it anyways.

The scary part.Edit

When I got home, I pulled it out, and it was a real Pikachu mouse! It said Pikachu! I screamed and stabbed it. The mouse then grew into a 7 feet monster. It growled and I ran upstairs. I grabbed a shotgun and shot it 8 times until it finally gave up. It fell on the ground. It became a nice mouse again and I did not see any stab wounds on it anymore. It said Pikachu and licked me In the face like a dog. I looked at my self in the mirror. I was a monster Pokemon!

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