Captain cori.

Do remember that game on Cool Math called Papa's Freezeria? Well before that, there was a game called Papa's Pizzeria. And there was a closer customer named Captain Cori. Well, let me tell you a story. One day Alberto was making sundaes and a customer came in. However, he wanted his job to end. So he made the sundaes wrong. So the customer kicked him in the crouch. She was very upset. Then, she gossiped about it and then, all of the customers came in and beat Alberto to death. They set things on fire, and then, the whole place was on fire. So, Papa fired Alberto. But on March 12, 2010, Papa was murdered.

Wally, the old guy saw who it was. It was Captain Cori. She ran back in her ship before Wally could catch her. Local SS Louie Police saw evidence, it was a note and a knife. I killed Papa cause his employees were goofing around. I'm going to Berlin. Catch me if you can! -Captain Cori She wrote the letter on a blank ticket when she was punching Penny. She wrote that letter when the police came in and held up guns.

Captain Cori has detail: She now wears a dark mask, a dark red shirt and wears gloves for hiding her face. The police went to Berlin, but they didn't find her. She set a trap there which was a anchor and knifes. She was really at San Francisco staying at a hotel. Then, Wally found her again. So he threw knifes, but he missed. Captain Cori punched him 3 times and threw him out the window. Wally busted threw a fancy car. The police still couldn't grab or catch Captain Cori cause she kept punching officers fast and quick. She took a potion that made her powerful and tough. But i bet one day the police will find Captain Cori.

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