I am a big fan of the show The Powerpuff Girls. I've seen all the episodes of it cause i was born in 1987. In 2005, i was using On Demand when i found a episode of The Powerpuff Girls called Blossom's Suicide. I watched it. The begining had the Girls' House, Townsville, Mojo Jojo's Lair, and Pokey Oaks Kindergarden. Then, it had Blossom walking to school. Buttercup punches her and hits her with a rake. Then, Blossom goes in the school. Kids threw stuff at Blossom. After school, Bubbles and Buttercup can't find Blossom. When they get home, they see the Professor crying. Oh girls, your sister killed herself. How could this happen?! He continued crying. Then, the girls found the note. "Girls, i've commited suicide cause i was tired of my life. Goodbye Forever, Blossom"

The girls cried for 13 seconds and it ends. Then, i heard a mysterious phone call. It was Blossom. Ha ha ha ha! You can't run. I will find you. I ran to my car. She was behind me at the backseat. I punched her and got out of my car. The car hit a fire truck and it exploded. The Blossom photo will haunt my dreams for about a month.

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